Nicolette Richer
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My Philosophy of Health–

If there's one thing I know to be true beyond birth and death it is this - the human body can heal itself of even the fiercest of chronic degenerative illnesses. AKA - lifestyle illnesses - diseases created by the way we live our lives. Our bodies are innately designed to repair, to regenerate, to thrive. Optimally. My philosophy of health is that if you are mindful with your body, you will be mindful with the planet. What you do to the plant, you do to your health. If you eat real, you can heal. If we all eat real, the planet heals.

Don’t start a diet that has an expiration date. Start a lifestyle that will last forever.

My Projects–

Creating health one person, one business, one community at a time

There is no distinction between our external environment and our internal health. This symbiotic existence is one of pure beauty, mystery and magic. Yet each day, we take a plethora of actions that slowly, over time, has harmed the planet and ultimately damaged the self-repairing mechanisms in our bodies. We've loaded our environment and our bodies with toxins and we have managed to malnourish our systems which has created a chronic physical and mental health epidemic in developed countries across the globe. 

However, there is hope and it's not too late. 

Our bodies are craving nourishment. By making the switch to real, unprocessed, unrefined, plant-strong, whole foods that are naturally grown in nutrient-rich soils and clean water, your body can heal itself. And you can reverse chronic degenerative illnesses - even those that are deemed incurable. And you will lose weight. And your brain fog can lift and shift and be gone permanently. And you will feel energized, light, free from pain, and vibrant. In fact - you will set your body up to live long and to live well. Who wouldn't want that?

All of the projects that I've carefully designed are meant to help you achieve optimum health. Check them out. Get involved. Share what you learn with others. But most importantly, don't wait until your health or your life hits rock bottom before making the lifestyle changes that will turn your world around for good.