This is where my doctoral research begins and where you get to join in and contribute, critique, learn from, teach me - and better yet - collaborate.

I'll share my research every step of the way. If there's something you want me to check out - a contact, peer-reviewed journal article, anecdotal story, book, documentary, white paper, podcast, etc...send it my way and I'll do the same. 

I started my doctoral program at Royal Roads University in March 2016, completed one course, took a leave of absence as my business quadrupled in size, and now I'm back at it as of February, 2018. 

Here's my initial working title and abstract. 

Remembering Traditional Plant Foods as Medicine: Reversing Colonial Type 2 Diabetes within the Squamish Nation


This paper states how and why I want to implement an Aboriginal-guided research approach to examining the reversal of type 2 diabetes in Squamish Nation members. This Aboriginal-oriented process framework falls under the paradigm of Decolonizing Methodologies and takes into consideration the six processes of doing decolonizing research: rationalizing, enabling, facilitating, experiencing, accepting, and enacting. When being guided by an Aboriginal agenda, it is unknown what theories and outcomes will emerge from the research, however what I hope to see emerge are ideas, recommendations, solutions, praxis and a documentary that address social and cultural determinants of health, food security and the remembering and resurgence of Traditional foods and plant medicines in order to reduce the type 2 diabetes rates in Canada.

Keywords: Indigenous; Reversing, Diabetes, First Nations, Squamish Nation, Colonization, Plant foods, plant medicine

With two more courses finished, I now get to jump into a directed studies course which consists of reading, reading and more reading. My favourite :) To kick off this course, I'll start with a deep dive into Linda Tuhiwai Smith's Decolonizing Methodologies - a must read for anyone embarking on research with Indigenous communities and individuals. I'll provide summary notes soon. Stay tuned.