We know what we are, but know not what we may be.
— William Shakespeare

Hi and welcome!

I'm Nicolette.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and doctoral student all under the umbrella of orthomolecular health education.

What this means is that I teach people how to Eat Real to Heal, how to use food as medicine, or even more simply, how to nutrify and detoxify their bodies so they can reverse their diagnosed cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. Though prevention and management of disease is important - I prefer to work with people who've been diagnosed, who are facing surgery or are on prescription meds and who want to completely heal their bodies and their lives. I work with my client's medical team to not only eliminate the disease, but to also cancel a looming surgery, get off the prescription medications for good, and to finally achieve energy, longevity, vitality and optimal health. 


 -  can detoxify which will enable their bodies to heal , philanthropist & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be

For almost every day of my life, strangers have stopped to ask me...

"What are you?"

So, I'll start by introducing myself with the simplest answer to that question. The short version is that I'm Malawi-African born to a Punjabi/Malawian Mom and an Austrian Dad - they separated when I was three. A year later, my mom met my soon to be step-dad, East Vancouver raised, who was on the last leg of his trip around the world. 12 months after their first encounter my mom and I traversed the globe with all of our belonging in tow. The mosaic beauty of British Columbia has been my home ever since.

The long version is that I'm still creating what and who I am each day. Science tells me one thing - I'm the expression of my DNA which is a reflection of the environment I'm exposed to or create for myself. I'm also the sum of my values and philosophy, spiritual and physical life experiences, and the nutrients and toxins that I consume daily. 

Recently, I've come to excite in the potential that I'm just like everyone else - despite the colour of my skin, the experiences I've had, or where or who I came from - I'm a spiritual being having a human experience. 

And I'm loving every moment of this glorious existance - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I'm an optimist. I thrive on hope. I believe in miracles and I experience them every day. Manifesting greatness and my dreams is what I do well. Loving deeply and feeling the interconnectedness of EVERYTHING is my gift that I pour freely into this world. I care so deeply for the environment, our planet Earth, and this universe in which we live that it pains me to live in the 21st century. Instead of wallowing in doom and gloom, I return to my deeply seeded roots and I stand on the shoulders of the giants before me - and I work hard and hopefully smart - to share with others what I've been privileged to study and learn and experience.